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Caitlin holds a PhD in sociology of sport from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. Her dissertation investigated urban development projects in sport mega-event host cities, primarily focused on the evaluation of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games hosted by Vancouver. Caitlin’s research was largely based around negotiations surrounding the Vancouver Olympic Athletes’ Village and the delivery of social housing units, as well as efforts to organize a socially inclusive event. Caitlin has been a major recipient of grant-based funding from the IOC and FIFA, having led one of the largest research projects ever on the social impacts of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup hosted across Canada. 

Caitlin has 8+ years experience in the sport, research, and academic sectors in different capacities. Current consulting projects include Social Return on Investment studies for sport venues and governments, policy and strategy development, and program evaluation for sport.

For more information on academic publications and speaking engagements please visit:

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  • University of British Columbia, 2015

  • School of Kinesiology

  • Social-Cultural Research Group

  • Centre for Sport and Sustainability

  • Olympic Games Imapct (OGI) Study

credentialed evaluator
  • Canadian Evaluation Society, 2019

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Social Return on Investment
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management, 2019

  • Toronto

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social value international
  • Member, 2019

global reporting initiative
  • Sustainalytics, 2012

  • Event Organizer Sector Supplement Trained

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principles-Focused evaluation
  • Utilization-Focused (UFE) 

  • Principles-Focused Evaluation

  • Tamarack Institute, 2018

  • Vancouver

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